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Refugees life in Germany

Families live together at an asylum-seekers’ shelter in Vossberg village in rural eastern Germany, and are waiting for local authorities to process their applications. Approximately 60 asylum-seekers, mostly from Syria, Chechnya and Somalia, live at the shelter.


Children return from school to the asylum-seekers’ shelter that is home to them and their families in Vossberg village, Germany


Children walk down a road in Vossberg


Somali refugee Efrah Abdullahi Ahmed, right, along with refugees from Chechnya, prepares to shop for groceries at a supermarket


Mohamed Zayat, right, a refugee from Syria, offers sweets to his daughter Ranim, who is nearly three, after shopping for food with fellow-Syrian refugee Fadi Almasalmeh


Chechen Ayna Musayeva is led by a teacher to lunch as her siblings Amnat, behind, and Ayshat, sitting, look on


Ayshat sits down for lunch at the nursery


Amnat, Ayshat and Ayna play together. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty Images


Mohamed Zayat, a refugee from Syria, looks through donated clothing in the shelters basement, as laundry dries


Refugee children return from school to the Vossberg shelter


Syrian refugee Mohamed Ali Hussein, left, leaves the shelter as eight-year-old Chechen Alina Dzhankayeva, in turqoise, hangs out on the steps


Kurdish Syrian asylum-applicants Mohamed Ali Hussein, right, 19, and his cousin Sinar Hussein, 34, sweep leaves at a cemetery in Gieshof village


Mohamed and Sinjar receive a small allowance for the work

Source: The Guardian


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