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German children serving migrants is insulting


IN THE German town of Lubeck children have been cooking and cleaning for migrants as part of “practical work experience”.

For five hours a day the 13 and 14-year-olds change beds, help in the kitchens and sort clothes at the asylum centre.

It is unbelievable that teachers think it acceptable for children to carry out such degrading tasks.

To describe this whole set-up as “work experience” is insulting.

This isn’t work, it is servitude.

Moreover the tasks they are performing are nothing more than day-to- day chores.

If the migrants want nice food or clean sheets then they can cook and clean for themselves.

There is no good reason why they should be treated as if they are guests in a hotel.

At every turn Germany seems desperate to entice more people from North Africa and the Middle East into making the journey to Europe.

If it’s not people with welcoming placards at stations or Angela Merkel declaring that they can all stay then it’s children being roped in to be their cooks, cleaners and maids.

These actions are only making the migrant crisis worse and ordinary Germans will pay the price.

The reality is that no nation could deal with an influx of this size without a serious threat to social cohesion and a massive bill for taxpayers.

Source: Express UK


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