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British embassy announces new range of premium visa services to UAE residents


ABU DHABI // UAE residents wishing to travel to the UK are being offered a new range of ‘premium’ visa services at application centres in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the British embassy announced on Monday.

Citizens can now pay a fee of Dh150 to walk in without an appointment between 3pm and 4pm, receive assistance with applying or paying online, or receive help with checking that their application form has been completed correctly. The walk-in service comes free for the those have booked the “premium lounge”.

Those who pay for the Dh100 digital assist service will receive one to one support from a member of the team with completing their online application.

Customers who have completed and printed their application form can pay an additional fee of Dh75 to have the form checked by staff before it is sent to the embassy for processing.

“The new services have been introduced in response to feedback from customers and are designed to provide additional flexibility, as well as support with the application process for those who need it,” said Simon Hayes, international director of UK Visas and Immigration.

A new scheme for multinational companies based in the UAE, who send staff to the UK on a regular basis, was also introduced.

The scheme, which companies can apply to join, will offer a streamlined visa service and a dedicated account manager from the UK Visas and Immigration.

A Mobile Biometric service is currently being developed, which will offer the option to complete the biometric enrolment, including fingerprint scan and photo capture, from the applicant’s home or office.

The service will be introduced in the UAE in the coming weeks and will be open to all nationalities. “The introduction of this new range of services demonstrates our commitment to making the visa service we provide not only as fast, but also as flexible as possible,” said Philip Parham, British ambassador to the UAE.

Source: The National


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