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Mother of baby born on a Los Angeles-bound Airlines deported


A baby born on a Los Angeles-bound China Airlines plane some weeks ago has been granted American citizenship, but her mother was refused entry into the United States and ordered to go back to Taiwan.

On Oct. 7, a Taiwanese woman went into labor as she was flying to the US, and delivered a baby girl aboard the aircraft.

Before taking the flight, the woman — a person surnamed Jian – is said to have to lied to China Airlines’ ground staff about her pregnancy condition.

Though she was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, the woman told the airline check-in staff that the baby’s due date is still far away and that she doesn’t require any special flight permission.

Also, during the flight she was constantly asking the cabin crew whether the plane had entered American airspace, Apple Daily reported.

Her behavior led to suspicions that she was aiming to give birth on American territory to ensure US citizenship for the child and possibly herself.

The woman delivered a baby girl 30 minutes before the plane made an unscheduled landing in Anchorage, Alaska due to the on-board incident.

Upon her arrival in the US, Jian was detained at a hospital ward and ordered to go back to Taiwan, while her baby daughter was allowed to remain in the US under the care of a friend.

Following the news of the mid-air child birth, Jian has come in for criticism in online forums.

In the bid for US citizenship, the woman put the life of herself and her baby at risk, netizens said.

Some commentators also slammed Jian for causing inconvenience to other passengers, and suggested that China Airlines and the passengers should sue the lady for compensation.


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