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UAE visit visas simplified


The UAE has revoked the condition of a one-month gap for renewing visit visas. People on such visas will no longer need to exit the country to get an extension of their stay here. They can now do it by paying Dh570 and stay for a month more without exiting the country, the authorities have said.

Brigadier Dr Rashid Sultan, a spokesperson for the UAE Ministry of Interior, said the ministry was re-implementing the decision No 337 of the year 2004 to enable all those who have visit visas to get an extension.

“All companies and visitors should submit applications and transactions before the expiry date of the visa period to avoid violations. The immigration services will be provided at all UAE port of entries and immigration offices,” he added.

The official said the new rule is applicable for all entry permits. These permits would include transit visas, short-term (one month) and long-term visit (90 days) visas, student visas, visas for medical treatment and residence visas.

In the previous visa requirements, visit visa holders needed to exit the country after the expiry of the visa term and had to stay out of the country for at least a month before being able to re-enter on another visit visa.

He said that amending of visa status will be done electronically and without complications as part of the new procedure. People do not need to the leave the UAE, but they can amend their visa status and pay the required fees in order to facilitate the transactions for visitors and residents and to save money and time.

Obaid bin Suroor, Deputy Director of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs in Dubai, said that all the decision issued by the Minstry of Interior will be implemented by all immigration departments.

A cross section of residents expressed their happiness with the revised rule.

Hoyam Kamal said that this decision would save time of many people as they had return to their home country for visa change.

“It is good that this decision will give people the chance to change their visa status or extend it from here itself.”

UlA Suliman said that she came on a visit visa and she found a job. “I was planning to return home for changing the visa. Now, I don’t need to buy a ticket. This will help me save money. I will just pay this fee and change the visit visa into a residence visa.”

Savio said that the UAE is keen that every one abides by laws and at the same time updates and revises the laws to ensure comfort of the people here and facilitate procedures for visitors and residents. She said that some people they used to go to neighbouring countries including Kish Island in Iran and some used to be stranded there if there was a delay in the visa. Those who got a job or want to extend their visa, now only need to pay the fees for changing the visas.

Source : Khaleej Times


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