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Germany orders deportation of 20 months old girl

German authorities have given a 20-month-old girl a week to leave the country, arguing that because she never lived in Albania there is no proof she faces danger there, local media report.


File photo: DPA

Twenty months ago she was born in the Sauerland region in the west of the country, eleven days after her parents Eduart and Franga arrived from Albania seeking asylum.

But the fact that she was born in the Bundesrepublik, unlike her six-year-old brother Edjon, has also led to a bizarre and seemingly callous ruling of the German government regarding her asylum status.

On Thursday, Edona received an 11-page letter from The Office for Migrations and refugees (BAMF) explaining that she had one week to leave the country, Rhineland paper Der Westen reports after seeing the document.

If Edona does not comply, she will be deported, the letter warns.

The letter was directed only at the young girl, because unlike the other members of her family she cannot prove that she was being persecuted in her homeland.

“A concrete and individual fear of persecution could not be found for the applicant,” the letter states, before explaining “persecution cannot exist due to the fact the applicant was born in Germany and at no point has been in Albania.”

Since the summer of 2015 Germany has considered Albania a “safe country of origin”, meaning that an asylum seeker from there has to prove a specific threat against their person in order to claim refugee status.

Edona’s parents made an asylum application in 2104 which sought to prove that they are threatened with a blood feud from a neighbouring family. The application is still being considered.

According to Heinrich Nolte, the ex-mayor of the town in North Rhine-Westphalia where the family live, they are totally integrated.

Both parents have full time jobs and do not use state welfare, Nolte told Der Westen. Edjon goes to the local primary school, and Eduart sings in a men’s choir.

BAMF had not responded to a request for comment from The Local by the time of publication.

Source : The Local DE


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