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Study in Egypt

Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian Pyramids

There are many reasons to study in Egypt, including well-respected universities, low living costs and the chance to immerse yourself in the country’s unique fusion of African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures.

The Egyptian capital of Cairo has previously been ranked in the QS Best Student Cities (in 2012) and continues to hold the title of the only African city to be featured. So what makes Egypt such a great place to be a student? Click the tabs below for more information.

Why study in Egypt?

The relatively low cost of living is certainly a major factor for students thinking of studying in Egypt. Cairo received the highest score for ‘affordability’ in the 2012 QS Best Student Cities, with only Mexico City coming close in this respect. But, while costs are an increasingly important issue for many students, there’s more to Egypt’s appeal as a destination for higher education – including five universities in the 2014/15 QS World University Rankings.

For many international students, studying in Egypt is also a chance to explore a culture very different to their own, and indeed unlike any other. Bridging north-east Africa and the Middle Eastern region, and with a Mediterranean coastline, Egypt offers a unique fusion of African, Arabic and Mediterranean cultures. This is of course also the home of some of the world’s most renowned historic sites, including the Great Pyramids, the Temples of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. Then there’s the appeal of cruises on the Nile, sunbathing by the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and the vibrant urban centre that is Cairo itself.

The government has identified higher education as a priority, and is enacting a series of programs designed to make universities in Egypt more internationally competitive.

American University in Cairo, Egypt

American University in Cairo, Egypt

Egypt currently has 20 public universities (with about two million students) and 23 private universities (60,000 students). The five to appear in the 2014/15 QS World University Rankings are the American University in Cairo at 360th in the world, Cairo University (551-600), Ain Shams University, Al Azhar University and Alexandria University.

Also close to Cairo but not featured within the world rankings is the British University in Egypt, located in El-Shorouk, about 50km from central Cairo. Like the American University in Cairo, it delivers all teaching in English. Germany’s prestigious Technische Universität Berlin also has announced plans to open a branch campus in the capital.

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