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Sudanese government retaliates, denies U.S. Officials visas


May 1, 2016 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan has denied United States officials visa in a tit for tat move against Washington because it had previously refused to grant an entry visa to senior Sudanese officials to participate in international meetings.

Sudan State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Kamal Ismail, told reporters on Sunday, that Khartoum’s embassy in Washington received visa applications from U.S. officials and decided to implement reciprocal measures.

However, the minister did not disclose the names of the U.S. official whose visa requests were denied or their reasons to visit Sudan.

Last Tuesday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the acting chargé d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum Benjamin Moeling.

The Deputy Under-secretary of Foreign Ministry, Sirraj Eddin Hamid, conveyed Sudan’s protests against delay and denial of visa to enter the United States to Sudanese officials attend United Nations, World Bank and other international forums meetings.

Last week, Ambassador Kamal Ismail, warned that Sudan will deny U.S. officials visa to Sudan.

“Sudan will treat U.S. the same way if Sudanese official further denied visa or their applications delayed” said Ambassador Kamal Ismail, confirming that Sudan has its own measures as well and will give visa only to those who safeguard Sudan’s interest.

Recently, Washington refused visas to senior Sudanese officials, including the ministers of interior, education and the state minister for health.

Source : Sudan Tribune


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