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What you need to know about Canadian skilled visa!


Individuals who wish to migrate to Canada and explore the wide range of skilled opportunities

Canada is considered one of the most loved places in the world to live and work. The country has managed to attract a great number of migrants every year, who wish to work and settle in Canada permanently. Canada has been facing a skilled shortage with its economy that strives to attract skilled professionals. This is the reason for professionals to move to Canada to fulfill the need of the country and open a broad door of opportunities for them as well. The Canadian government has also opened up several immigration programs that help the prospective migrants to enter the country and live there permanently.

In this context, one of the best ways to gain permanent residency visa of Canada is trough the federal skilled visa category that accesses the eligibility of the immigrant through various criteria. It is designed for skilled professionals who hold relevant skills and expertise in a particular stream and can contribute to the economy of Canada. This program is a point based system where the applicant has to score a total of 67 points to qualify through the process, gaining the skilled PR visa. The job under this category is for highly skilled positions including, management, scientific or technical, to work on full time employment for at least 30 hours or more as a permanent employment.

The applicant must fulfill one of the below mentioned criteria to be eligible for migration under federal skilled visa category:

Further, the eligibility of the applicants is accessed based on six major criteria on which points are awarded, as decided by point based system:

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