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Why Nigerians seek greener pastures abroad


Departure at Muritala International Airport, Lagos Nigeria

Nigeria – Travel has been a part of creatures since the time of creation, just as the creatures had the free will of moving from one place to another, either in a short distance or long one. According to the Christian (Bible), Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden by God. They must have left the garden for somewhere else through the process of travel.

These days, travel has been a common activity to all world dwellers. For instance, dwellers of a particular country may migrate from one part of the country to another,or from the country to another country of the world. All for one purpose or another.
Nigerians are not left out of the race as they always fight tooth and nail to ensure they migrate from their fatherland to other countries, where they think things promise to be easier for them.

Though many researchers have argued that not all Nigerians that plan to travel abroad are having the motive of escaping from the responsibility of contributing their own quota to the development of their fatherland as some (though minute) of them still nurture the idea of fetching the country some developmental goodies through their sojourn abroad.

Nigerians, when asked of their purposes for travelling abroad, will have reasons ranging from education to health, sports, economy, politics, business,tourism, religion and so on to give.

The state of the economy of Nigeria has been one of the major reasons most Nigerians opt to step out and dwell outside the country. Though Nigerian economy could be characterised by low low standard of living, high unemployment rate, low youth entrepreneurship initiatives and high inflation rate among others.

Most of the aggressive youths complain about low standard of living in the country but,unfortunately, can not proffer or source out for ways of eradicating the menace by agitating for youth entrepreneurship initiatives.They would rather make their search for white colar jobs the order of the day and end up planning to travel abroad, especially when the white colar jobs turn out to be unavailable.

It is a known fact that every Nigerian,at one point or the other, is unfortunately affected by high rate of inflation of prices of commodities especially major food stuffs in the economic circulation. But rather than going back to farms to increase their level of food productivity and produce most of the food consumed locally themselves, reverse has still been the case as most of the foods consumed in the country are imported. As a result, high rate of inflation persists, and more Nigerians travel abroad for greener pastures.

Another principal reason most Nigerians would give for their intention to travel out is their quest for education of the highest standard. Considering the poor state of many educational institutions in Nigeria, most of the higher and the middle class citizens of the country are bent on giving whatever it takes to send their wards abroad for what they call world-class educational standard Univesity dons, scientists etc also do take delight in travelling out for various educational researches as they all know that many of their researches could not be completed except they take their time out of the country to make their observations and documentations.

Researchers may not have much challenges (cost and discrimination) to face in procuring their visas as they are mostly sponsored and guided by organisational bodies or government. But the higher and the middle class citizens who intend to send themselves or their family members abroad may likely come across some difficulties (apart from the cost of visas and tickets) in the process of obtaining their visas. This is most times because may who have been granted a tourist visa will likely not return back for one reason or the other. The most challenging factor is discrimination which is caused by a number of reasons.

Nigerians’ attitude outside the country intensely tells on what good things could come out of Nigeria. Negative attitudes of of many Nigerians in the diaspora could create limitations to Nigerians’ chances of obtaining visas to the host country. It is no news that some Nigerians travel to a foreign land and start engaging themselves in various social vices such as prostitution, human trafficking and money and visa fraud. And all these gave Nigeria bad names in the global realm especially in the countries where Nigerians perform such vices.

Nigerians’ level of invention or individual productivity is also a factor that challenges Nigerians’ chances of being granted visas to some foreign countries.Such countries can be said to be very much tactical in their dealings as they believe most Nigerians would only gain access into their countries without any idea of inventions which could add value to their industries, they would gather their wealth in some years and move the wealth back to their country at the end. And as there have been many dubious travel agents who claim they have influence on visa issuance and proliferated all around the country (Nigeria),many Nigerians are still bent on gambling and hoping to see themselves fall into the right hands in order to fulfil their dreams of travelling out.

Written by Ọladipupọ Ademẹnọ and edited by Aboderin Ayotunde


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A professional blogger, an online Journalist and a passionate Immigration and visa Affairs individual.


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