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Lawyer convicted in visa scams disbarred

An Appellate Division, First Department, panel ruled that Loreto Kudera should be automatically disbarred

A Manhattan lawyer convicted of immigration fraud conspiracy after falsely obtaining H-1B visas for health care company workers has been disbarred.

An Appellate Division, First Department, panel ruled that Loreto Kudera should be automatically disbarred because his federal conviction for conspiracy to commit immigration fraud through the making of material false statements is similar to the state felony of offering a false statement for filing in the first degree.

In 2016, Kudera and his wife, Hazel, pleaded guilty in Vermont for giving false information to immigration services in St. Albans when applying for H-1B visas for foreign nurses, according to the Vermont U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Hazel Kudera owned several medical staffing agencies in New York City specializing in providing nurses to health care facilities, the government said. Loreto Kudera was a lawyer at the Law Offices of Barry Silberzweig in Manhattan.

Kudera admitted that in exchange for money, he falsely represented that applicants were working in “specialty occupations,” a requirement for getting an H-1B visa, when they were not, the panel said Thursday in Matter of Kudera, M-811.

Justices Rolando Acosta, Rosalyn Richter, Richard Andrias, Marcy Kahn and Ellen Gesmer struck Kudera’s name from the attorneys roll effective June 9, 2016, about when he stopped practicing law. Kudera, admitted in 2007, had not opposed disbarment, they noted.

Kudera intends to seek reinstatement to the bar when he’s eligible in seven years, according to his lawyer, Michael Ross of Law Offices of Michael S. Ross.

“I’m hopeful he will be able to demonstrate that he has contrition and remorse and through his good deeds has earned the respect of the community,” he said.

Source: New York Law Journal


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