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United Airline hijacker entered the U.S. 7 times on tourist visa

You could still see his mouth and his chin, but only the right side of his face from the nose up. The rest of the photo and the document on which it was printed — except for the man’s first and last name and a broken series of numbers — was charred or burnt away. … Continue reading

How asylum seekers use Washington as escape route to sneak into Canada

BLAINE — In the Blaine motel, he lay awake all night, thinking and rethinking his plan. “Carl,” as the twenty-something asked to be known, had travelled all the way from Iraqi Kurdistan to get to this border town. He had been working for an aid organization, helping people displaced by the Islamic State group (ISIS). … Continue reading

Canada an increasingly desired destination for International student

Uganda-born Helen Kobusinge knew she wanted to study abroad for her MBA, with Canada one of four possible destinations. Then an accountant with Deloitte in Kampala, Ms. Kobusinge chose Canada in 2015 partly for its immigration policies that, unlike Britain and the United States, offer a postgraduation work permit of up to three years for … Continue reading

N.Z. Global impact visa attracts 300 young entrepreneurs in first year

The Government’s “global impact visa”, designed to attract young entrepreneurs, has received 300 applicants from more than 50 countries hoping to fill the 100 spots in the first year of the four-year pilot programme, Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said. Mr Woodhouse told Parliament’s transport and industrial relations select committee the visa — launched last year … Continue reading

How U.S. Immigration tolerate modern day slavery

By tying workers’ residence status to an employer, the visa system leaves many of them vulnerable to exploitation. In “My Family’s Slave,” the devastating cover story in The Atlantic’s June issue, the late, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex Tizon recounts the life of Eudocia “Lola” Pulido, a Filipino immigrant who worked for 56 years without pay … Continue reading

Immigration consultant charged for visa violation

SAN JOSE — A Bay Area immigration consultant and host of an immigration radio talk show is scheduled to be arraigned Friday on charges she violated requirements of the Immigration Consultants Act, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors allege Elena Rivas, owner of Interamericana Unlimited, and three of her employees illegally … Continue reading

Viet Nam’s E-visa pilot scheme shows boost in the tourism industry

HÀ NỘI — The electronic visa (e-visa) pilot scheme has had a positive impacts on Việt Nam’s tourism industry since it was implemented at the beginning of the year. Information from the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism showed that by May 30 – four months after the scheme started … Continue reading

Lawyer convicted in visa scams disbarred

A Manhattan lawyer convicted of immigration fraud conspiracy after falsely obtaining H-1B visas for health care company workers has been disbarred. An Appellate Division, First Department, panel ruled that Loreto Kudera should be automatically disbarred because his federal conviction for conspiracy to commit immigration fraud through the making of material false statements is similar to … Continue reading

EU maintains visa-free access for U.S. citizens

US travellers to the EU won’t require visas despite demands from the European Parliament. The European Commission on Tuesday (2 May) told reporters that such a move would not be in the mutual interest of EU citizens. “The European Union will always choose engagement, commitment, and passionate diplomacy over any form of unilateral retaliation,” said … Continue reading

U.S. Department of state proposes tougher visa scrutiny

The U.S. Department of State has proposed tougher questioning of visa applicants believed to warrant extra scrutiny, according to a document published Thursday, in a push toward the “extreme vetting” that President Donald Trump has said is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks. Questions about social media accounts would be part of the stepped-up criteria, which … Continue reading