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We are feeling the pinch to provide for refugees – Canadian Aid Agencies

As the phenomenon of asylum seekers looking to enter Canada illegally spreads beyond Manitoba’s border, aid agencies say they are feeling the pinch to provide care to the influx of people. At least six asylum seekers were arrested as they crossed into Surrey, B.C. this weekend, in addition to eight who crossed into Emerson, Man. … Continue reading

Tolerance for refugees with limits- even in Canada

Holding a mirror up to society and reflecting back what our society is, rather than what we think it is or want it to be, can be uncomfortable. Our latest poll on the resettlement of refugees – one that reveals Canadians do not appear to have an unlimited willingness or capacity to continue welcoming asylum-seekers … Continue reading

UK ends Dubs amendment that helps resettle migrants children

A key route into the UK for children caught up in Europe’s migrant crisis is to close after a total of 350 arrivals. In a written ministerial statement, the Home Office said it would stop receiving children via the so-called Dubs amendment at the end of March. The law, designed by peer and former refugee … Continue reading

U.S halts screening of Nauru refugees for now- Australia

US officials have stopped screening refugees on Nauru for potential resettlement, Australia has confirmed. But Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said he expected the process to resume “in due course”. It follows uncertainly over a deal that would see up to 1,250 refugees currently held in offshore detention by Australia resettled in the US. The … Continue reading

Sweden extends border control to stop illegal migration flow

Sweden has extended border controls with its southern neighbor Denmark until May to battle the illegal migration flow, after Brussels agreed to extend the emergency border checks inside the EU’s Schengen free-travel zone. On Wednesday, European Union envoys, acting on EU Commission recommendations, said five EU countries inside the Schengen zone should be allowed to … Continue reading

Australians protest against Trump’s immigration ban and Australia’s asylum seekers policy

Australia’s fragile refugee resettlement deal with the US has brought thousands of people on to city streets , decrying the US president’s immigration ban and demanding an end to Australia’s offshore processing policy of asylum seekers. The deal, purportedly, is for the US to resettle up to 1250 refugees from Australia’s offshore detention centres on … Continue reading

Refugees medical emergency policy sparks debate in Australia

As the US-Australia refugee deal dominated headlines this week, a medical emergency was unfolding at an Australian detention centre on the Pacific island of Nauru. Advocacy groups have been pushing the Australian government to allow a Kuwaiti refugee, who is 37 weeks pregnant, to be flown to Brisbane to give birth by caesarean section. They … Continue reading

Germany pays up to €1,200 to refugees who voluntarily decides to leave

Germany has launched a program for asylum-seekers that offers up to €1,200 (almost $1,300) to applicants who voluntarily decide to go back to their home countries. The StartHilfe Plus program, initiated by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), kicked off on Wednesday, the German … Continue reading

Syrian woman gives birth after arriving at new home in Canada

When her water broke somewhere between a refugee camp in Jordan and her new home in northern Alberta, she did not tell a soul. Ibtesam Alkarnake wanted so badly for her baby to be born in Canada that she kept quiet for hours, silently enduring her labour pains. While much of the world’s attention was … Continue reading

UK rejects call to perform age-verification dental checks for child refugees

London, UK – The British government has rejected calls to conduct age-verification dental checks on child refugees entering the country. Conservative Party MP David Davies suggested such tests should be conducted after tabloid newspapers reported that children arriving from the “Jungle” refugee camp in France were older than they purported to be. Speaking to the … Continue reading

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