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Saudi Arabia’s visa hike is day light robbery – Anti-visa committee

JOHANNESBURG – The newly formed anti-visa committee says they are opposed to fee hikes that are being imposed by the Saudi Arabian government on people of the Islamic faith. Authorities there recently announced visa fees for R10,000 instead of the usual price of R1,400. Today, hundreds of Muslim people gathered in Crosby, Johannesburg, calling for … Continue reading

U.S. bans wearing eyeglasses in photos for visa applications

WASHINGTON:  The State Department is banning passport and visa applicants from wearing eyeglasses in photos taken for the documents. In a notice published Friday, the department says that effective Nov. 1, applicants must remove glasses for passport and visa photographs. It says the step is being taken to “eliminate glares and shadows” that can cause … Continue reading

Thailand hikes entry visa fees for tourists from 19 countries

A wave of deadly bomb blasts in Thai tourist resort areas has failed to deter the country’s military rulers from hiking entry fees for holidaymakers from 19 countries and territories — including China, modern tourism’s motherlode. The decision to press ahead with plans to double visa on arrival costs to 2,000 baht ($58) has generated … Continue reading

Tourists stranded in China as convenience visa ends abruptly

Visitors stranded as China convenience visa policy abruptly ends Prudence Lui, Hong Kong, August 15, 2016 VISITORS from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia who attempted to enter China from Hong Kong using a 144-hour convenience visa were rejected by Chinese immigration officers since earlier this month. No advance notice or reason was given for the action. … Continue reading

UK launches 24 hours priority visa services in Nigeria

The UK has launched Super Priority Visa Service in Nigeria to allow customers to process their applications within 24 hours. The British High Commission, on its website, said the new service was to particularly meet the needs of those who required urgent service to travel. The High Commission quoted the British High Commissioner, Paul Arkwright, … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia introduces new visa fees, pays visa fees for pilgrims

New amendments have been introduced to visa fees in Saudi Arabia, the country’s cabinet of ministers has announced today. Most notably, the changes will see all visa fees completely waived off – and fully paid for by the Saudi government – for all first-time pilgrims coming for either Hajj or Umra. The newly introduced fee … Continue reading

Rwanda increases visa fees for visitors

The Directorate of Immigration and Emigration announced new visa fees for visitors coming to Rwanda as it seeks to align fees with the global currency rate. The new visa fees came into force effective July 31 and will remain applicable for the next 12 months, according to a statement issued by the directorate. Making reference … Continue reading

Singapore and Myanmar to waive visas for tourist

NAYPYITAW – From Dec 1, Singaporeans travelling to Myanmar for short trips will no longer need to apply for a visa. Myanmar nationals visiting Singapore will also not have to apply for a Singapore visa under a 30-day visa exemption announced on Tuesday (June 7). The two countries exchanged diplomatic notes on the visa exemption … Continue reading

Brazil waives visa requirements for tourists from four countries ahead of Rio 2016

BRASILIA – Brazil is lifting visa requirements for tourists from Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States from today to encourage travel to the Rio Olympics. The tourism ministry has announced it will open its doors to tourists from the four countries because they are already a good market have strong interest in the Olympics … Continue reading

India to extend E-tourist visa from 30 to 60 days for Oman citizens

Omanis visiting India have good news in the offing. To boost the arrival of tourists, India is in the process of extending the validity of e-tourist visa from 30 to 60 days. E-tourist visa holders will also be allowed double entry against the present rule of just one. Speaking to Muscat Daily, B K Prasad, … Continue reading